June 17, 2005

Message sent June 14 to South Carolina State Senators...

delivered from the State House lobby to the 40 SC State Senators(20 Republicans and 20 Democrats) who are not yet co-sponsors of the Right to Life Act of SC (S.111):

Out of 46 SC State Senators, only six (all Republicans) are presently S.111 co-sponsors.


South Carolina State Senators…

Over 300,000 pre-birth human beings have been murdered inside the wombs of their mothers between 1973 and 2004 by surgical abortion alone (not even counting by chemical abortion) within the borders of the state of South Carolina !!! (Numbers 35:33)

Are you willing to exercise your power and authority to Establish Justice for these children ?
(Romans 13:1-4; Amos 5:15)

Then please, in the Special Session beginning June 14, please sign on as a co-sponsor to the Right to Life Act of SC, S.111. The SC House passed an amended version April 13.

Three other states: Georgia, North Dakota, and Ohio also have principled, no ‘exceptions’ ban-abortion bills filed in their state legislatures.

Prepared by Columbia Christians for Life * PO Box 50358, Columbia, SC 29250 *
(803) 765-0916

http://www.christianlifeandliberty.net/ * http://www.righttolifeactofsc.net/ * CCFL@sc-online.net


To see text of the Right to Life Act of SC, S.111, click on direct link from homepage ofwww.ChristianLifeandLiberty.net

For the most current publicized status of lobbying efforts to exhort SC Legislators to "Establish Justice" for pre-birth human beings, in law, beginning at fertilization, and without "exceptions," go to blog site http://www.righttolifeactofsc.net/

June 08, 2005

Updated Flyer for Right to Life Act of South Carolina (H.3213/S.111) - June 8, 2005

TAKE ACTION TO PASS the "Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

Note: a properly formatted version of the Flyer below for distributing
as a hand-out to friends, family, and church goers can be printed
out from Attachment H3213-57 at the end of this e-mail, for
distribution Thursday through Monday (June 9 through June 13).

Now is the time for action !
1. Pray (if you are a born-again Christian)
2. Call
3. Inform others
4. E-mail
5. Write
6. Lobby
7. Donate

There are 46 total members in the full SC Senate (26 R's, 20 D's) -at present only six (Mike Fair, David Thomas, Larry Grooms, Danny Verdin, Kevin Bryant, and Wes Hayes) are signed on as co-sponsors of S.111.


FLYER - see Attachment below for properly formatted version for use as
a one-page hand-out for distribution

"Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

On May 18, a 4-man (3 R’s, 1 D) Subcomm. of the Senate Judiciary Comm. heard a second day of public testimony on the RTL Act of SC S.111 / H.3213 in the Gressette Bldg.; however no vote was taken, no further meetings were held, and the Legislature’s regular session ended June 2.

There are only six co-sponsors of S.111 in the SC Senate. The pro-life Senators are: Mike Fair, David Thomas, Larry Grooms, Danny Verdin, Kevin Bryant, and Wes Hayes. The SC Senate has 46 members: 26 Republicans and 20 Democrats.

The South Carolina Legislature is coming back to Columbia for a special two-day session on Tuesday, June 14 and Wednesday, June 15. This is another opportunity for the 40 Senators (20 Republicans and 20 Democrats) who are not yet co-sponsors of S.111 to sign on to the bill.


These are the four members (3 R’s, 1 D) of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee which presently has the bill none of these four men are yet co-sponsors of the Right to Life Act of SC (S.111):

Senator Jim Ritchie, chairman (R Spartanburg)
Senator Randy Scott (R Summerville)
Senator Luke Rankin (R Myrtle Beach)
Senator Joel Lourie (D Columbia)

These are the other 19 of the total 23 members (13 R’s, 10 D’s) of the Senate Judiciary Committee which is the next step in the legislative process, if, Lord willing, the 4-man Subcommittee passes S.111/H.3213 out of committee favorably when they come back in regular session next January:

Senators: Glenn McConnell, chairman (R) - Charleston (can also vote as 5th man on subcomm. above) // Tom Moore (D) - Clearwater // Robert Ford (D) - Charleston // Greg Gregory (R) - Lancaster // Darrell Jackson (D) - Columbia // Larry Martin (R) -Pickens // Bill Mescher (R) - Pinopolis // Dick Elliott (D) - N. Myrtle Beach // Brad Hutto (D) - Orangeburg // Ralph Anderson (D) - Greenville // John Hawkins (R) -Spartanburg) // Jake Knotts (R) - West Columbia, Lexington // Gerald Malloy (D) -Hartsville // Ronnie Cromer (R) - Prosperity, Newberry // Vincent Sheheen (D) - Camden // Kevin Bryant (R) - Anderson) (the only S.111 co-sponsor on Judiciary Comm.) // Chip Campsen (R) - Isle of Palms // Ray Cleary (R) - Murrells Inlet // Kent Williams (D) - Marion //.

The remaining 23 members of the 46-member SC Senate include the five other pro-life Senators who are co-sponsors of S.111 (i.e., Mike Fair, David Thomas, Larry Grooms, Danny Verdin, and Wes Hayes), plus these last 18 Senators, none of whom are yet co-sponsors of the RTL Act of SC:

Senators: Thomas Alexander (R) - Walhalla (Oconee) // John Courson (R) - Columbia // John Drummond (D) - Ninety Six (Greenwood) // John Land (D) - Manning // Hugh Leatherman (R) - Florence // Phil Leventis (D) - Sumter // John Matthews (D) - Bowman // Yancey McGill (D) Kingstree // Billy O'Dell (R) - Anderson // Kay Patterson (D) - Columbia // Harvey Peeler (R) - Gaffney // Clementa Pinckney (D) - Ridgeland // Glenn Reese (D) - Inman // Scott Richardson (R) - Hilton Head Island // Greg Ryberg (R) - Aiken // Nikki Setzler (D) - West Columbia (Lexington) // Linda Short (D) - Chester // Verne Smith (R) - Greer //.

Please call / write / e-mail / and/or fax any or all of the 40 Senators above who are not co-sponsors of S.111 NLT COB Monday, June 13, and ask them to sign on during the upcoming 2-day session !

If you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, would you please pray God would turn the hearts of these 40 SC Senators to DO JUSTICE for pre-birth human beings and sign on as co-sponsors of S.111 ?

The "Right to Life Act of South Carolina", if passed by the Republican-majority SC Legislature, and if signed by Republican SC Governor Mark Sanford, would recognize the God-given, legal ‘personhood’ of all pre-birth human beings at fertilization under the SC State Constitution.

See link to bill at www.ChristianLifeandLiberty.net

Contact info for SC Senators:
NOTE: all Senators can be faxed at 803-212-6299 include the Senator’s name on whatever you fax !

If you need the name, addresses, e-mail, or telephone numbers of your SC State Senator, go to: www.scstatehouse.net/html-pages/senate2.html

SENATE MAILING ADDRESS: write all Senators at:
Post Office Box 142, Columbia, S.C. 29202


Prepared by Columbia Christians for Life * www.RighttoLifeActofSC.net * (803) 765-0916 * Columbia, SC
Note: For add’l resources that may be useful in lobbying these State Senators, go to www.ChristianLifeandLiberty.net and click on “RTL Act of SC.” There you will find several items germaine to your lobbying effort, which may be printed out and mailed or faxed; or, e-mailed, to these Senators (check out items # 5 thru # 12, #15, and #16).

June 07, 2005

Request sent to SC Senators before end of regular session June 2:

[ Note: S.111, the Right to Life Act of South Carolina, has only six co-sponsors, out of 46 SC State Senators (26 Republicans and 20 Democrats). The six pro-life Senators in the SC Senate are Senators Mike Fair, David Thomas, Larry Grooms, Danny Verdin, Kevin Bryant, and Wes Hayes. ]

Sent by memo from the Second Floor State House lobby to the Senate chamber:



"Please sign on as a co-sponsor of S.111, the RTL Act of SC before sine die on June 2d."

DATE: 6/1/05
TO: Senator __________ (Senator Jim Ritchie (R) - Spartanburg)
(Senator Randy Scott (R) - Summerville)
(Senator Luke Rankin (R) - Myrtle Beach)
(Senator Joel Lourie (D) - Columbia)
(Senator Glenn McConnell (R) - Charleston)

FROM: Steve Lefemine, Columbia Christians for Life

MESSAGE: Will God Bless or Curse S.C. over the next several months?

1) Three other states also have principled "no exceptions" ban-abortion bills in their state legislatures. You men have the opportunity before you of making history for good by passing the RTL Act of SC, & helping SC lead the nation in ending this 32+ year national tragedy + disgrace of "legalized" abortion.
2) Or, as the 2005 hurricane season begins today, & and The State reported $ 110 million in damage to SC in 2004, how will God deal with us in 2005 ?


Attachments to the lobbying memo above included:

- Four states having active no 'exceptions' bills during 2005 legislative session [ NORTH DAKOTA, GEORGIA, OHIO, and SOUTH CAROLINA ]
(Please use this link for Attachment H3213-483.doc: www.christianlifeandliberty.net/H3213-48.doc )

- Six tropical systems had an impact on South Carolina in 2004 / 2005 Season Prediction & names for tropical systems in upcoming season

(Please use these links for news articles used for the attachment H3213.563.doc: www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/nation/11784317.htm

with these Scriptures hand-written in the margin:

Psalm 147: 8,16-18 "... He causeth His wind to blow, and the waters flow."
Jeremiah 51: 14-16 "The LORD of hosts... He hath made the earth by His power, ... When He uttereth His voice, there is a multitude (tumult) of waters in the heavens;... He maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures."
1 Samuel 12: 16-19
Luke 8: 22-25


On June 2, virtually the same memo was sent to the rest of the 40 SC State Senators - 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats - who have not yet signed on as co-sponsors of S.111, the RTL Act of SC, namely, these 35 SC State Senators:

Senator Thomas Alexander (R) - Walhalla (Oconee)
Senator Ralph Anderson (D) - Greenville
Senator Chip Campsen (R) - Isle of Palms
Senator Ray Cleary (R) - Murrells Inlet
Senator John Courson (R) - Columbia
Senator Ronnie Cromer (R) - Prosperity (Newberry)
Senator John Drummond (D) - Ninety Six (Greenwood)
Senator Dick Elliott (D) - N. Myrtle Beach
Senator Robert Ford (D) - Charleston
Senator Greg Gregory (R) - Lancaster
Senator John Hawkins (R) - Spartanburg
Senator Brad Hutto (D) - Orangeburg
Senator Darrell Jackson (D) - Hopkins (Richland)
Senator Jake Knotts (R) - West Columbia (Lexington)
Senator John Land (D) - Manning
Senator Hugh Leatherman (R) - Florence
Senator Phil Leventis (D) - Sumter
Senator Gerald Malloy (D) - Hartsville
Senator Larry Martin (R) - Pickens
Senator John Matthews (D) - Bowman
Senator Yancey McGill (D) - Kingstree
Senator Bill Mescher (R) - Pinopolis
Senator Tom Moore (D) - Clearwater
Senator Billy O'Dell (R) - Anderson
Senator Kay Patterson (D) - Columbia
Senator Harvey Peeler (R) - Gaffney
Senator Clementa Pinckney (D) - Ridgeland
Senator Glenn Reese (D) - Inman
Senator Scott Richardson (R) - Hilton Head Island
Senator Greg Ryberg (R) - Aiken
Senator Nikki Setzler (D) - West Columbia (Lexington)
Senator Vincent Sheheen (D) - Camden
Senator Linda Short (D) - Chester
Senator Verne Smith (R) - Greer
Senator Kent Williams (D) - Marion

If you need the name, addresses, e-mail, or telephone numbers of your SC State Senator, go to:



Most of the memos also had attached the Missionaries to the Preborn brochure entitled:
"Planned Parenthood admits that abortion is the killing of a baby!"

NOTE: Not one additional Senate co-sponsor to S.111 was added to the bill after asking 40 Senators (20 Republicans and 20 Democrats) to sign on to the RTL Act of SC.

(See link from homepage of www.ChristianLifeandLiberty.net to S.111)

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
CCL lobbyistColumbia, SC
June 7, 2005
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