January 19, 2006

Columbia, SC - Right to Life Act of SC - NEWS CONFERENCE and 'JESUS CHRIST is LORD of the GATES' Pro-Life Rally, Jan. 17

Columbia Christians for Life
P.O. Box 50358, Columbia, S.C. 29250 * (803) 765-0916 * http://www.ChristianLifeandLiberty.net
“… I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
Matthew 16:18
Tuesday, January 17, 2006, 11:45 AM: First Floor, SC State House, Columbia, SC
Re: ‘Right to Life Act of South Carolina’ [S.111 / H.3213 ]
Statement by Steve Lefemine, dir. Columbia Christians for Life:
Good morning, my name is Steve Lefemine. I am director of Columbia Christians for Life. Our purpose in gathering today is to publicize the status of the Right to Life Act of SC, and to urge our SC Senate, which has a Republican majority, with 26 Republicans to 20 Democrats, to pass this bill without amendment, this 2006 legislative session. The RTL Act is a bill to recognize the legal ‘Personhood’ of all pre-birth human beings, at fertilization. This bill would ban all legalized child-murder-by-abortion, because the SC State Constitution, in Art. I., Sec. 3, already protects legal ‘persons’ from being deprived of life without due process of law, and the RTL Act would inarguably, place all pre-birth human beings in the same protected status.
Jesus Christ is Lord of the Gates. ‘Gates’ are seats of power, or places of authority. The Bible says in Psalm 22 that the LORD is the Governor among the nations. The Declaration of Independence is our nation’s founding charter, setting forth the philosophy and principles upon which America was established, and it is to this day part of the organic law of the United States. The very first sentence states that America’s right to exist was based upon “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” One of the Laws of God upon which this nation was founded, is “Thou shalt not kill,” in the sense of murder. That immutable, eternal, universal, authoritative law of the Sovereign God, the Governor of all the Nations, can be found at Exodus 20:13. Fundamental to, and the first duty of civil government, including this SC Republican-majority Legislature, and this SC Republican Governor, is to prevent murder and bring to justice those who commit the crime. That is not happening today in our state. The Republican Governor and the Republican-majority SC Legislature are not doing their job. Between 1973 and 2004, over 310,000 pre-birth human beings have been murdered by surgical abortion alone on SC soil. This shed innocent blood pollutes the land, and invites the divine judgment of Almighty God upon SC.
A bit of history on the RTL Act: this bill was first introduced in the SC House and SC Senate in 1998. The Republicans have been the majority in control of the SC House consistently now for 12 years beginning in 1995. Republican leaders had opposed this bill for years, or not supported it. Then, in early 2005, the SC Attorney General issued a legal opinion that the RTL Act of SC was constitutional on its face, though if applied to abortion, would have to be adjudicated. And in April 2005, seven years after the RTL Act was first introduced, and a decade after the Republicans became the majority in the House, the RTL Act was finally passed by the SC House. Sadly, even then, the Republican-majority SC House, with 74 Republicans to only 50 Democrats, agreed to a fatal flaw weakening amendment which undermines the whole legal strategy of the bill, by allowing an “exception” to legal personhood in the case of rape. The amended bill that was passed in April 2005 by the SC House now makes no sense in logic or law. With an exception to legal personhood, the RTL Act now once again violates God’s moral law in the Sixth Commandment; it is constitutionally unsound, and therefore legally indefensible; and is simply logically nonsensical. Either a human being is a “person” or they are not. What the SC House did was to make the RTL Act an abortion bill, recognizing the right to life of some pre-birth human beings, but protecting in law the murder of others, based upon the circumstances of their conception. This is outrageous and must be corrected now in the SC Senate, or the bill will be fatally flawed, and must be killed. The SC House is making the same mistake as in the Texas law challenged in what became the Roe v. Wade case 33 years ago, which also had an “exception,” thus undermining the attempt by the State of Texas to make the “personhood” argument in defense of their state law banning nearly all abortions. The result has been 45 million dead children by surgical abortion alone. We in SC must not make the same mistake today that Texas made over three decades ago. In the very text of the Roe v. Wade US supreme Court decision it states, “[Texas] argue[s] that the fetus is a “person” within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment… If this suggestion of personhood is established, the [pro-abortion] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.” In other words, there never would have been legalized abortion under Roe v. Wade.
But tragically, Texas had an “exception” which undermined their entire “personhood” argument. Justice Harry Blackmun wrote: “[ Footnote 54 ] When Texas urges that a fetus is entitled to Fourteenth Amendment protection as a person, it faces a dilemma. Neither in Texas nor in any other State are all abortions prohibited. Despite broad proscription, an exception always exists… But if the fetus is a person who is not to be deprived of life without due process of law, and if the mother's condition is the sole determinant, does not the Texas exception appear to be out of line with the Amendment's command? ...”
The Right to Life Act of SC, in statutorily vesting legal “personhood” at fertilization for ALL human beings, satisifies the Roe formula published 33 years ago. The issue of legal “personhood” for ALL human beings, without exception, is a key to unlockingthe 33 year old Roe v. Wade abortion enigma.
If you support banning the heinous crime of child-murder-by-abortion in South Carolina, then you are invited to start lobbying FIVE SC Senators who are important at this stage of the legislative process: Senators Ritchie, Scott, Rankin, Lourie, and McConnell. All five can vote on whether the RTL Act of SC is passed out of Senate Subcommittee without any amendments for “exceptions.” Four of these five senators are REPUBLICANS. Is the Republican Party really pro-life ? They are the party in power, holding the majority in both the SC House and SC Senate, and the SC Governor’s office as well. Now is the time for Republicans to put ACTIONS to their words, and PASS the Right to Life Act, without “exceptions.” For further information and updates, go to http://www.christianlifeandliberty.net/ or http://www.righttolifeactofsc.net/. If you want to get started today lobbying these senators, please meet here in front of the podium at the end of this news conference and rally. Thank you.
South Carolina 2004 Abortion Statistics:
Total reported child-murders-by-surgical-abortion in 2004: 6,565
(decrease of 8 abortions compared to 2003)
Abortions committed at Charleston abortion center: 2,835
(increase of 178 abortions compared to 2003)
Abortions committed at Greenville abortion center: 2,359
(decrease of 75 abortions compared to 2003)
Abortions committed at Columbia abortion center: 1,335
(decrease of 91 abortions compared to 2003)
Abortions committed in ‘hospitals’ statewide: 36
(decrease of 20 abortions compared to 2003)
These are the five members (4 R’s, 1 D) of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee which presently has the bill none of these five men are yet co-sponsors of the Right to Life Act of SC (S.111):
Senator Jim Ritchie, chairman (R Spartanburg)
Senator Randy Scott (R Summerville)
Senator Luke Rankin (R Myrtle Beach)
Senator Joel Lourie (D Columbia)
Senator Glenn McConnell, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (R Charleston)
Contact info for SC Senators:
Ritchie (R), Scott (R), Rankin (R), Lourie (D) and McConnell (R):
NOTE: all Senators can be faxed at 803-212-6299 include the Senator’s name on whatever you fax !
Senator James H. "Jim" Ritchie, Jr. District 13 - Greenville, Spartanburg & Union Cos.
(H) 302 South Pine St., Spartanburg, 29302
Bus. (864)585-2275 Home (864)585-6047
E-Mail Address: JHR@scsenate.org
(C) 608 Gressette Bldg., Columbia, 29202
Bus. (803) 212-6008/6032
Senator Randy Scott District 38 - Charleston & Dorchester Cos.
(H) 107 Cleveland St., Summerville, 29483
Bus. (843)873-5544 Home (843)871-2964
E-Mail Address: SCOTTR@scsenate.org
(C) 606 Gressette Bldg., Columbia, 29202
Bus. (803) 212-6024
Senator Luke A. Rankin, Sr. District 33 - Horry Co.
(H) 201 Beaty St., Conway, 29526
Bus. (843)248-2405 Home (843)626-6269
E-Mail Address: LR@scsenate.org
(C) 508 Gressette Bldg., Columbia, 29202
Bus. (803) 212-6132
Senator Joel Lourie District 22 - Kershaw & Richland Cos.
(H) P.O. Box 6212, Columbia, 29260
Bus.(803)765-9200 ext.257 Home(803)787-5802
E-Mail Addr: JBL@scsenate.org
(C) 504 Gressette Bldg., Columbia, 29202
Bus. (803) 212-6116
Senator Glenn F. McConnell (Senate Judiciary Committee chairman) District 41 Charleston Co.
(H) 27 Bainbridge Dr., Charleston, 29407
Bus. (843)747-7554 Home (843)571-3921
E-Mail Address: SJU@scsenate.org
(C) 101 Gressette Bldg., Columbia, 29202 Bus. (803) 212-6610
SOUTH CAROLINA is one of FIVE states (in addition to OHIO, GEORGIA, NORTH DAKOTA, and NEW HAMPSHIRE) which have had active, principled, biblical, constitutional, ban-all-abortion bills (i.e., no "exceptions") state-level bills in their respective state legislatures currecntly and/or in recent years:
South Carolina (2005-2006):
SC Senate Bill S.111 and SC House Bill H.3213
Georgia (2005):
Georgia House Bill HB 93
North Dakota (2005):
North Dakota House Bill No. 1227
New Hampshire Right to Life Act (2003):
Ohio (2005-2006):
Ohio House Bill 228
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