December 12, 2006

"JESUS is Pro-Life" Rally, SC State House, 12 noon, January 22, 2007

Voice of the Unborn
Johnny Gardner - Director
120 Amsterdam Drive, # G * Columbia, South Carolina 29210 * (803) 731-0062

Dear Pastors and Pro-Life Friends,

The Lord has inspired me to have a "ProLife Rally" on January 22, 2007, the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the day child murder became legal. Since that dark day over 45 million innocent unborn children have been murdered by abortion in our land. Our land is polluted with innocent blood. Please mark this day on your calendar and make plans to come to our State House. I am praying and believing for Pastors and churches who will commit themselves to bring buses and vans filled with Christians who have committed themselves to come and stand up for life. I believe this is what God wants.

Voice of the Unborn will be having a joint rally with Columbia Christians for Life, Monday, January 22, 2007, at 12:00 noon in front of our State House (on the Gervais Streetside). Your commitment to come and stand with us for the precious lives of these unborn children will make a difference. Please ask your employer well in advance for time off on this important date. Asking early enough will make it easier for them to let you have the day off.

We are demanding the wicked practice of abortion be outlawed in South Carolina. We are asking that H.3213, the Right to Life Act, sponsored by Representative Ralph Davenport, be reintroduced. Last session this bill passed the House by a final vote of 91-10. The bill died in a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee without being put to a vote. We are demanding that the Right to Life Act be passed by our General Assembly and that our Governor sign it into law.

We are also requesting that a monument be placed on the State House grounds as a memorial to all of South Carolina's unborn children that have been murdered by abortion. Over 300,000 South Carolina unborn children have been murdered by abortion. We will never outlaw abortion until we become repentant and sorrowful for all the innocent blood that has been shed. That's one of the purposes for this monument; that we admit that we have sinned and express our sorrow.

Last session, H.3338, the Unborn Children's Monument Resolution, sponsored byRepresentative Ralph Davenport, had 31 co-sponsors and died in a Ways and Means Subcommittee without being put to a vote. We implore our Governor and General Assembly to place this monument on State House grounds. Psalm 127:3 says: "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."

It is my prayer that we will fill the State House grounds with God's Preachers and God'speople. Is there not a cause? It is our duty to stand for these children. If we don't, blood is onour hands and we are guilty of sin. I ask you from a heart that is broken and full of tears. Please plan on being at our State House on January 22, 2007 at 12:00 noon.

God will give us the victory!

Last, but not least, if you could give of your finances, it would really help. I look forward to seeing you at our State House.

On behalf of the Children,


Johnny Gardner


To contribute to Voice of the Unborn, send checks (not tax deductible) to:

Voice of the Unborn

120 Amsterdam Drive, # G

Columbia, South Carolina 29210

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