May 21, 2009

Catholic Bishops in North Dakota opposed state personhood bill which passed North Dakota House;

opposition of Roman Catholic leaders helped defeat historic personhood bill in North Dakota Senate by 29-16 vote

Posted: Friday April 3, 2009 at 8:38 am EST by Judie Brown
[emphasis added by CCL]

Every once in a while I find an article that is so superb it needs to be seen by as many people as possible. The following is one such offering by Robert L. Hale, an expert on the law and personhood. As Professor Dianne Irving wrote to us at American Life League when she first read the article:

In these times of "accountability", isn't it time that the American bishops be held accountable for the scandalous anti-life policies that too many of them have been forming and advancing for the last 40 years? No one can get straight answers from them. They should be required to give complete explicit rational reasons for their positions and policies and be ready to fully defend them -- like the rest of us are.

[ CCL Note: The painful answer which this inquiring woman Dianne Irving and principled, pro-personhood pro-lifer Judie Brown have not yet been willing to face publicly is this: The Vatican / Roman Catholic hierarchy is NOT Pro-Life !!! (Including the Bishops, Cardinals, Pope, Vatican, Jesuit General). Does any thinking American really believe that the opposition and obstruction of these Bishops in North Dakota (like the opposition of the Bishops in Michigan (2006), Georgia (2008), Montana (2008), and Colorado (2008) to state-level personhood legislation) would be sustained without the support and endorsement of the Vatican / Pope ??? Roman Catholic principled pro-lifers like Judie Brown have been betrayed by the false religionists of Rome, including the Bishops, Cardinals, Pope, and Jesuit General. ]

It should also be noted that such "silence" is usually a characteristic of those who very early on adopted the fake scientific term "pre-embryo" in order to "justify" their reticence in reversing Roe. Indeed, the Roe decision was essentially based on briefings from those who were "pre-embryo" advocates. Instead, there has been a constant stream of "pre-embryo substitutes" (use
different terms but have the same agenda and goals) spawned not only by the secular society, but also from many in "pro-life" and from many in the bishops' own camps. Could this help explain the failed "incrementalism" policies such "pre-embryos" have advocated for so long – under the guise of being "pastoral"? I have noted before that there was nothing "incremental" whatsoever about the Roe decision. It was simply dumped on the American public almost overnight. Perhaps such "pro-life" incrementalists oppose solid and scientifically accurate "human personhood" bills like the one in North Dakota because they would all be out of a job, or funding, if these bills succeeded.

Please read the entire report here.

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