April 13, 2010

Remarks by Senator McConnell - SC Senate Journal, April 13, 2010

Remarks by Senator Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston) made in opposition to the Recall of S.450 (SC Personhood Bill)
[ After linking to the entire Senate Journal for April 13, 2010, then conduct search for: Remarks by Senator McConnell ]
Senator McConnell's remarks include: 1) Repeatedly and erroneously calling the bill "unconstitutional"
2) Expressing his opposition to requiring the State of SC to defend in court, at taxpayers' expense, the right to life of unborn children as "persons", should this bill become law and likely be challenged in court
3) Asserting his support for allowing the execution of unborn children in the womb if their circumstances of conception include rape, incest, or the so-called health or so-called life of the mother
4) Expressing his opposition to charging "doctors" who murder human beings in the womb with manslaughter or murder

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