June 28, 2010

SC's Palmetto Family Council advised by CFR / Jesuit-advised Americans United for Life on passage of 24-hour abortion bill


"Palmetto Family also thanked ... Americans United for Life (AUL) for their guidance."

"The conference committee language with the waiting period had the support of South Carolina Citizens for Life, the National Right to Life Committee, the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the Palmetto Family Council."

- Romanist Americans United for Life, like National Right to Life is one of Rome's "pro-life" [sic] front organizations.
- Ecumenical Palmetto Family Council is the South Carolina affiliate of ecumenical Focus on the Family.
- Ecumenical SC Citizens for Life is the South Carolina chapter of Romanist National Right to Life.
- Ecumenical SC Baptist Convention is the South Carolina member of the ecumenical Southern Baptist Convention .

Palmetto Family Council received active advisory assistance and support from CFR / Jesuit-advisedAmericans United for "Life" [sic], whose senior legal counsel, Clarke Forsythe, has directly attacked the personhood position posted on the Columbia Christians for Life website to end "abortion". Clarke Forsythe's written attack is posted on National Review Online and LifeNews.com. So we have a CFR / Jesuit-advised Vatican "pro-life" [front] organization opposed to State-level personhood legislation to END "abortion", advising the ecumenical Palmetto Family Council. We are not only combating the obvious pro-abortion enemies of God's gift of the sanctity of human life, we are also and especially combating Rome to end "abortion" in America.

God's Requirement for MURDER is Justice, not incremental regulation ! Pass personhood now.

Read and download the complete report here.
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