June 02, 2008

Colorado Human Life Amendment Signatures Certified - Historic Amendment Officially on November's Ballot

Human Life Amendment Signatures Certified
- Historic Amendment Officially on November's Ballot

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May 29, 2008

DENVER, May 29, 2008 / Covenant News Wire Service / For the first time in US history, the issue of personhood will be decided in the public forum by a constitutional amendment.

Colorado for Equal Rights was notified today by the Colorado Secretary of State's Office that enough valid signatures were submitted to put the Every Human is a Person amendment on the November 2008 ballot. The Secretary of State's Office's random sampling indicated that there were 103,377 valid signatures, surpassing the 76,047 valid signatures that were required.

"The people of Colorado have spoken, the Secretary of State's Office has certified our signatures, and our equal rights amendment will be on November's ballot," stated Kristi Burton, initiative sponsor. "All humans should be protected by love and by law, and this amendment is a historic effort to ensure equal rights for every person."

Colorado for Equal Rights has demonstrated an unparalleled grassroots effort thus far, with likely more volunteer circulators than any other ballot initiative in the State's history. The grassroots initiative had over 1,300 volunteer petition circulators.

"We at Colorado for Equal Rights are incredibly thankful for our many volunteers who worked so hard for each signature we delivered to the Secretary of State's Office and the churches who stood behind us and supported us," Burton continued. "This victory is the voice of the people and all credit goes our Creator." Colorado for Equal Rights is a statewide grassroots organization of concerned citizens who value human life. Colorado for Equal Rights is sponsoring the Human Life Amendment to the Colorado constitution, stating "(t)he term 'Person' or 'Persons' shall include any human from the time of fertilization."

For more information contact:
Kristi Burton
E-mail kristiburton@gmail.com

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Colorado - Human Life Amendment
Type Bill: state-level personhood constitutional amendment by citizen petition

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- Including State-Level Personhood Bills and Constitutional Amendments
- AL, CO, GA, MT, SC, VA
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