March 17, 2005

New Updated Flyer for Right to Life Act of South Carolina (H.3213) - March 17, 2005

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:39:18 -0500
From: Columbia Christians for Life
Subject: New Updated Flyer for Right to Life Act of South Carolina (H.3213) [March 17]

New Updated Flyer for Right to Life Act of South Carolina (H.3213) [March 17]


TAKE ACTION TO PASS the "Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

Now is the time for action !

1. Pray (if you are a born-again Christian)
2. Call
3. Inform others
4. E-mail
5. Write
6. Fax
7. Lobby
8. Donate

The public hearing for the Right to Life Act of SC could possibly be as early as the last week in March (March 29-31), or more likely, the first week in April (April 5-7). Although there are a record 39 co-sponsors to the bill, in the crucial Constitutional Laws Subcommittee, which the bill must pass first, there is currently only one co-sponsor out of five members on the subcommittee !!!


"Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

South Carolina's pro-life bill to end "legalized" abortion (SC House bill H.3213)

There are presently 39 co-sponsors in the SC House. More are needed ! (goal is 50) You can help by contacting at least one of these three key legislators who are members of the 5-man Constitutional Laws Subcommittee: Please call / write / e-mail and/or fax these men by NLT Monday, March 28th with an updated message approach:

Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Columbia)
Rep. Ben Hagood (R-Mount Pleasant/Charleston)
Rep. Creighton Coleman (D-Winnsboro)

When you call/write/e-mail/or fax these legislators, ask them to support the Right to Life Act of SC, give them the SC House bill number: H.3213, and ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor. After the acknowledgment of God, their first moral duty as civil ministers of God (Romans 13:1-4), is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood !

IF THEY SAY ROE V. WADE IS THE “LAW OF THE LAND” (it is not according to Article VI. of the U.S. Constitution), then remind them all three as professing Christians, GOD’S LAW IS HIGHER THAN MAN’S LAW (Acts 5:29; Acts 4:19,20; Daniel 6:7-10; and Exodus 1:15-22). Remind them God has already said, “Thou shalt not kill (murder).” (Exodus 20:13). As God’s civil ministers, it is their duty is to establish His justice.

If they still refuse to obey God and His commission to them as civil ministers, and they still refuse to co-sponsor, or even just vote for the bill, then ask them if they will at least not vote against the bill. Ask them then if they will at least abstain.

For those who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, pray God would turn the hearts of all five on the Constitutional Laws Subcommittee (3 R's, 2 D's) to support H.3213 - only one is a co-sponsor at present.

The "Right to Life Act of South Carolina", if passed by the Republican-majority SC General Assembly, and if signed by Republican SC Governor Mark Sanford, would recognize the God-given, legal "personhood" of pre-birth human beings at fertilization under Art. I., Sec. 3. of the SC State Constitution, thereby ending so-called "legalized" abortion (child-murder) in SC. See link to bill from

Contact Information for SC House Representatives:
Ben Hagood (R), Jim Harrison (R), and Creighton Coleman (D):

Rep. Ben A. Hagood, Jr. (R) District 112 - Charleston County [Episcopalian]

Contact Address: Fax: 843-972-1005
(H) P.O. Box 220, Mount Pleasant, 29465
Bus. (843)972-1000 Home (843) 883-9078
(C) 306D Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211
Bus. (803)734-2950 Home

E-Mail Address:

Rep. James H. Harrison (R) District 75 - Richland County [PCUSA Presbyterian]

Contact Address: Fax: 803-734-9945 and 803-252-7145
(H) [write to: 512 Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211]
Bus. (803)256-0049 Home (803) 782-6988
(C) 512 Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211
Bus. (803)734-3120 Home (803) 782-6988

E-Mail Address:

Rep. Creighton B. Coleman (D) District 41 - Chester & Fairfield Counties. [Episcopalian]

Contact Address: Fax: 803-635-9228
(H) 125 S. Garden St., Winnsboro, 29180
Bus. (803)635-6884 Home (803) 635-7066
(C) 422A Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211
Bus. (803)734-3140 Home

E-Mail Address:


Prepared by Columbia Christians for Life * *
(803) 765-0916) * Columbia, SC

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