April 07, 2005

New Updated Flyer for Right to Life Act of South Carolina (H.3213) - April 7, 2005

TAKE ACTION TO PASS the "Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

Now is the time for action !
1. Pray (if you are a born-again Christian)
2. Call
3. Inform others
4. E-mail
5. Write
6. Lobby
7. Donate


1. The Constitutional Laws Subcommittee public hearing for the Right to Life Act of SC (H.3213) was Thursday, March 31. The bill passed by a 3 - 0 vote ! Praise the Lord !

2. The next step was the full House Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 5. The bill passed by a 15 - 5 vote ! Glory to Jesus !

3. The next step is debate on the floor of the SC House of Representatives, possibly as soon as Tuesday, April 12 (check the House calendar and House Journal at http://www.scstatehouse.net/ for what is on the agenda for the day (the calendar), and then, after-the-fact, what actually took place during the legislative session (the House Journal)).

There are 124 total members in the full House of Representatives(74 R's, 50 D's). At present there are 43 bill co-sponsors. If all 124 members in the SC House were to vote, then 63 votes would be needed for the bill to pass with a majority.

Please contact one or more of the remaining 33 Republicans listedbelow who have not yet signed up as co-sponsors of the bill, and/orthe selected Democrats, and ask them to vote for the bill.


"Right to Life Act of South Carolina"
South Carolina's pro-life bill to end "legalized" abortion (SC House bill H.3213)

On Tuesday, April 5, the RTL Act of SC (H.3213) passed the House Judiciary Committee on a 15 5 vote ! We give praise and all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for the bill’s progress !

The next step, Lord willing, is floor debate of H.3213 in the SC House of Representatives, possibly as soon as Tuesday, April 12 after the House comes back into session at 12 noon. At present there are 45 co-sponsors of the bill in the 124-member House of Representatives [74 R’s, 50 D’s]. Mathematically, 63 votes in support of the bill would assure passage.

Co-sponsors: Reps. Davenport, Vaughn, Toole, Tripp, Vick, Simrill, Bingham, J.R. Smith, Rice, Talley, G. Brown, Barfield, Owens, M.A. Pitts, G.R. Smith, Hamilton, White, Clark, Walker, Pinson, Loftis, Leach, McGee, W.D. Smith, Viers, Cato, Perry, Delleney, Altman, Cooper, Haskins, Huggins, Littlejohn, Hiott, Mahaffey, Wilkins, Merrill, D.C. Smith, Herbkersman, Bailey, Ceips, J. Brown, G.M. Smith, Weeks, Coates.[41 Republicans, 4 Democrats]

You can help by contacting one or more legislators from the list below of 33 Republicans not yet co-sponsoring the RTL Act of SC, and selected Democrats. Please call and/or e-mail these legislators NLT COB Monday, April 11th and ASK THEM TO VOTE FOR the RTL Act of SC:

Rep. Nathan Ballentine (R-Irmo)

Rep. James Lucas (R-Hartsville)

Rep. Joan Brady (R-Columbia)

Rep. Becky Martin (R-Anderson)

Rep. Richard Chalk (R-Hilton Head Island)

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-Rock Hill)

Rep. Converse Chellis (R-Summerville)

Rep. Ted Pitts (R-Lexington)

Rep. Alan Clemmons (R-Myrtle Beach)

Rep. Bill Sandifer (R-Seneca)

Rep. Bill Cotty (R-Columbia)

Rep. Wallace Scarborough (R-Chas.)

Rep. Tom Dantzler (R-Goose Creek)

Rep. Phil Sinclair (R-Spartanburg)

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-Laurens)

Rep. B.R. Skelton (R-Six Mile)

Rep. Tracy Edge (R-N. Myrtle Beach)

Rep. Jim Stewart (R-Aiken)

Rep. Marion Frye (R-Leesville)

Rep. Adam Taylor (R-Laurens)

Rep. Ben Hagood (R-Sullivan’s Island)

Rep. Michael Thompson (R-And.)

Rep. Nikki Haley (R-Lexington)

Rep. Ronnie Townsend (R-And.)

Rep. Nelson Hardwick (R-Surfside Beach)

Rep. David Umphlett (R-Moncks C.)

Rep. Bobby Harrell (R-Charleston)

Rep. Bill Whitmire (R-Walhalla)

Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Columbia)

Rep. Billy Witherspoon (R-Conway)

Rep. Shirley Hinson (R-Goose Creek)

Rep. Annette Young (R-Summerv’ll)

Rep. Chip Limehouse (R-Charleston)


Rep. Jerry Govan (D-Orangeburg)

Rep. David Mack (D-N. Charleston)

Rep. Mack Hines (D-Florence)

Rep. Joe Neal (D-Hopkins)

Rep. Doug Jennings (D-Bennettsville)

Rep. Fletcher Smith (D-Greenville)

If they still refuse to vote for the bill, then ask them if they will at least not vote against the bill. Ask them then if they will at least abstain.

If you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, pray that God would turn the hearts of all 124 in the SC House of Representatives (74 R's, 50 D's) to support H.3213 there are 45 co-sponsors at present.

Contact Information for SC House Representatives members:

You may look up SC House member’s e-mail addresses and phone numbers at this website:

[Note: if you write letters at this point, they must be sent to the legislator’s home address, and mailed NLT Saturday, April 9 to reach the legislator’s home by Monday, April 11.]

You can see the text of bill H.3213 from the homepage link at:


or go to the SC Legislative website at:



Prepared by Columbia Christians for Life

* http://www.christianlifeandliberty.net/ http://www.righttolifeactofsc.net/ *

(803) 765-0916 * Columbia, SC

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