April 01, 2005

New Updated Flyer for Right to Life Act of South Carolina (H.3213) - April 1, 2005

"Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

Now is the time for action !

1. Pray (if you are a born-again Christian)
2. Call
3. Inform others
4. E-mail
5. Write
6. Fax
7. Lobby
8. Donate


The Constitutional Laws Subcommittee public hearing for theRight to Life Act of SC (H.3213) was Thursday, March 31. The bill passed by a 3 - 0 vote ! Praise the Lord !

The next step is the full House Judiciary Committee meeting onTuesday, April 5th (less than 4 days from now), in Rm. 516, Blatt Bldg., at 2:30 PM (or 1 and 1/2 hours after adjournment; the House comes into session at 12 noon).

There are 25 total members on the full House Judiciary Committee (14 R's, 11 D's). At present there are 10 identified as bill co-sponsors. 13 votes are needed for passage if all 25 members vote.

Please contact one or more of the six House Judiciary Committee members below (5 R's, 1 D) to ask them to co-sponsor the bill, to support the bill, and to vote for the bill.


"Right to Life Act of South Carolina"

South Carolina's pro-life bill to end "legalized" abortion
(SC House bill H.3213)

On Thursday, March 31, the RTL Act of SC (H.3213) passed the Constitutional Laws Subcommittee, on a 3 0 vote ! Rep’s Delleney, F.N. Smith, and Hagood voted for the bill. Rep. Harrison abstained. (Rep. Coleman was not present.)

We give praise and all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for the bill’s progress !

The next step is the full House Judiciary: next Tuesday, April 5, in Rm. 516, Blatt Bldg. at 2:30 PM (or 1 ½ hours after adjourn). Judiciary has 25 members (14 R’s, 11 D’s). At present there are 10 identified co-sponsors of the bill on the Committee. At least 13 votes are needed to be assured of a majority for passage. 5 Republicans on Judiciary are not co-sponsoring.

You can help by contacting at least one of these key legislators who are members of the 25-member Judiciary Committee: Please call / write / e-mail and/or fax these men by NLT Monday, April 4th and ASK THEM TO VOTE FOR the RTL Act of SC (H.3213):

  • Rep. Alan Clemmons (R-Myrtle Beach)
  • Rep. Ben Hagood (R-Mount Pleasant)
  • Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Columbia)
  • Rep. Phil Sinclair (R-Spartanburg)
  • Rep. Jim Stewart (R-Aiken)
  • Rep. Doug Jennings (D-Bennettsville)

If they still refuse to co-sponsor, or even just vote for the bill, then ask them if they will at least not vote against the bill. Ask them then if they will at least abstain.

For those who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, pray that God would turn the hearts of all 25 on the House Judiciary Comm. (14 R's, 11 D's) to support H.3213 there are 10 identified co-sponsors at present.

Contact Information for SC House Representatives members:

Representative Alan Clemmons (R) District 107 - Horry Co. [Mormon]
Contact Address: Fax: 843-448-5724
E-Mail Address: ClemmonsA@scstatehouse.net
(H) 610 18th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, 29577
Bus. (843) 448-8405 Home (843) 448-8207
(C) 518A Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211 Bus. (803)734-2994

Rep. Ben Hagood, Jr. (R) District 112 - Charleston County [Episcopalian]
Contact Address: Fax: 843-972-1005
E-Mail Address: HagoodB@scstatehouse.net
(H) P.O. Box 220, Mount Pleasant, 29465
Bus. (843)972-1000 Home (843) 883-9078
(C) 306D Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211 / Bus. (803)734-2950

Rep. Jim Harrison (R) District 75 - Richland County [PCUSA Presbyterian]
Contact Address: Fax: 803-734-9945 and 803-252-7145
E-Mail Address: HJU@scstatehouse.net
(H) [write to: 512 Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211]
Bus. (803)256-0049 Home (803) 782-6988
(C) 512 Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211 /
Bus.(803)734-3120 Home (803) 782-6988

Representative Phil Sinclair (R) District 35 - Spartanburg Co. [Baptist]
Contact Address: Fax: 864-585-0183
E-Mail Address: PKS@scstatehouse.net
(H) 710 Zimmerman Lake Rd., Spartanburg, 29306
Bus. (864) 573-7575 Home (864) 583-4762
(C) 402A Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211 /
Bus. (803) 734-3008

Representative Jim Stewart, Jr. (R) District 86 - Aiken Co. [Methodist]
Contact Address: Fax: 803-642-8034
E-Mail Address: StewartJ@scstatehouse.net
(H) 584 Beaver Dam Rd., Aiken, 29805
Bus. (803) 648-2635 Home (803) 649-5519
(C) 237 Chesterfield St., NW, Aiken, 29801/

Representative Doug Jennings, Jr. (D) District 54 - Chesterfield & Marlboro Cos. [Presbyterian]
Contact Address: Fax: 803-479-2866
E-Mail Address: DJ@scstatehouse.net
(H) 151 Broad St., P.O. Drawer 995, Bennettsville, 29512
Bus. (843) 479-2865 Home (843) 479-6354
(C) 333C Blatt Bldg., Columbia, 29211 /
Bus. (803)734-3065


Prepared by Columbia Christians for Life

* http://www.christianlifeandliberty.net/ www.RighttoLifeActofSC.net *

(803) 765-0916 * Columbia, SC

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