February 09, 2010

(VIDEO, AUDIO) Witness for Christ, and Fireworks at Constitutional Laws Subcommittee

Public Hearing for SC Personhood Bill - Columbia, SC - February 4, 2010

REPUBLICAN Con Laws Subcomm. Chairman refused to pass out SC Personhood Bill, until his two incremental, "abortion"/murder regulation bills pass the SC Senate.

God's Requirement for Murder is JUSTICE, not Regulation !

After Rep. Greg Delleney (Con Laws Chairman) announced the meeting was adjourned at the end (10 AM),
this exchange followed:

Mr. Johnny Gardner, dir., Voice of the Unborn: "Will the rest of us get to be heard later ?"
[ most citizens signed up to speak were not heard ]

Rep. Greg Delleney: "Not this year. ... Not unless my two [ CCL: incremental ] bills get passed the Senate."

Click here for the entire report including pictures, partial transcript, video, and audio links.

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