February 08, 2009

Interview (audio) broadcast 2/8/09 w/ Steve Lefemine, Columbia Christians for Life, by Gregg Jackson

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[ first of two interviews; second interview broadcast 02-22-09 ]

Segment 1 (approx. half hour)

Gregg speaks with pro-life activist and missionary and
director of Columbia Christians for Life Steve Lefemine.

- compromise of Republican, USTP/CP parties (correction: Nashville CP meeting was in 2004)
- shedding of innocent blood, corporate bloodguilt (2 Kings 24:1-4, Psalm 106:37-44)
- need for repentance by Christians
- Personhood bills in Congress
- Art. III., Sec. 2. removal of jurisdiction from the U.S. Supreme Court by Congress
- REPENTANCE by the church in America - teaching/preaching on bloodguilt

Broadcast Sunday, February 8, 2009 on KDAR, 98.3 FM, (www.KDAR.com), The Christian Station, Los Angeles, CA

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