February 17, 2009

North Dakota Personhood Bill Passes House, First In US History - Press Release (E-mail)

Six states are known to presently have Personhood bills filed in the State Legislatures for 2009:
- Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina (see bills further below)
- Maryland's and Montana's filings are each for a Personhood Amendment to their State Constitutions; the other four states have Personhood Bills for statutory changes to the state's code of laws

- Establishing in law (by statutory change to the state's code of laws, or by a state constitutional amendment) legal "personhood" for pre-birth human beings, at fertilization, with no exceptions, satisfies the requirement spelled out in the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, to "collapse" the [so-called] "legal" argument for abortion:

- The 1973 US Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision instructed that if “personhood” for the “fetus” was established at fertilization, with no exceptions, then the legal argument for abortion “collapses.”
“If this suggestion of personhood is established, the [abortion] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”
( Roe v. Wade, http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=us&vol=410&invol=113 )

- In other words, pass "personhood" legislation in your state, as a bill, or as a constitutional amendment, and according to the U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision itself, [so-called] "legal" abortion is over. As the article below reports, North Dakota has become the first state to pass a principled Personhood Bill in US history [ SC's Personhood Bill that passed in 2005 in the South Carolina House was fatally flawed because it had a rape exception amendment tacked on, even though the bill may already have had enough votes to pass without this killer amendment ].

- This effort of passing Personhood legislation can begin with finding even just one Christian, principled "pro-personhood" pro-life/anti-abortion State House or State Senate member in your state, and asking them to introduce a Personhood Bill. Look below at the links to the actual seven bills in ALA, GA, MD, MONT, ND, and SC (2 - House and Senate companion bills), and consider which version of Personhood legislation best fits your state's constitution, state laws, and state legislature. Pray, and get started !!! Abortion could have been banned over 36 years ago by vesting legal personhood at fertilization with no exceptions.

God's Requirement for Murder is Justice, not Regulation ! (Ps. 97:2, Prov. 21:3)

Steve Lefemine
February 24, 2009 / Corrected April 26, 2009

Please click here for the entire report.

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