March 09, 2010

(Audio) SC Personhood Bill (S.450) Radio Alert - WQXL 1470 AM / 95.9 FM

Broadcast schedule: March 8, 2010 through April 5, 2010 (Audio - 1:00)

Listen here:


"The purpose of the South Carolina personhood bill is to establish that all pre-born humans are legal persons, to END child-murder by abortion."

"While Republican Greg Delleney continues to obstruct H.3526 in the South Carolina House; in the South Carolina Senate, S.450 now has 16 co-sponsors, but more are needed."

"Call Midlands-area State Senators, Republicans John Courson and Jake Knotts, and Democrats Nikki Setzler and Joel Lourie, and ask them to co-sponsor S.450."

"God is judging South Carolina for shedding innocent blood. Read Psalm 106, verses 37 to 44."

"Call the Senate Clerk office 212-6200 for contact info. for Courson, Knotts, Setzler, and Lourie, or go to the home page of for this info. Please also donate to help fund these pro-life radio alerts. Click on Support page to learn more. Paid for by CCL."

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