March 17, 2010

Republican Leadership of SC General Assembly Refuses to Pass Personhood for Pre-born


March 15, 2010 / Revised March 27, 2010

"Republican Leadership of SC General Assembly Refuses to Pass Personhood for Pre-born"

For TWELVE YEARS now (beginning in 1998), "Personhood" legislation has continually, every session, been filed in the SC Legislature, without being passed into law. As we approach the 2010 Primaries and General Election, some Christian and constitutionalist voters are taking a harder look at whether or not certain Republican officeholders are actually "RINO's". The question should be asked, "Who are the SC House and Senate members blocking passage of legislation recognizing the legal PERSONHOOD of pre-born human beings from the moment of fertilization ?"

Republicans have continually been in the Majority in the SC House since Jan. 1995, and Republicans have continually been in the Majority in the SC Senate since Jan. 2001, and yet this bill has only passed the SC House once in April 2005 (albeit with a fatal flaw rape exception), before being sent to the Senate, and dying after two public hearings. The Creator-endowed unalienable right to life is held to be the first of the "self-evident" "truths" of the 1776 Declaration of Independence, which is part of the organic law of the United States Code. There are presently 73 Republicans and 51 Democrats in the SC House, giving the supposedly "pro-life" party a plus 22-vote advantage. In the SC Senate, there are presently 27 Republicans and 19 Democrats, giving the supposedly "pro-life" party a plus eight-vote advantage. The SC Personhood Bills (H.3526 and S.450 at are being held up by the Republican House and Senate Leadership. The House version (H.3526) presently has 54 co-sponsors (including five Democrats), however neither the Constitutional Laws Subcommittee chairman (Rep. Greg Delleney, R-Chester), nor the Judiciary Committee chairman (Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Columbia), nor the House Speaker (Rep. Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston) are co-sponsors of the bill. The Senate version (S.450) presently has 23 co-sponsors (including four Democrats), which is 50% of the entire SC Senate, however neither the Judiciary Subcommittee chairman (Sen. Jake Knotts, R-West Columbia / Lexington), nor the Judiciary Comm. chairman (Sen. Glenn McConnell, R - Charleston), nor the Senate President Pro-Tem (also Sen. Glenn McConnell, R-Charleston), are co-sponsors of the bill. Last month (Feb. 4), a public hearing was held for H.3526, however no vote was taken; just as no vote was taken in a Feb. 2008 public hearing.

It is the REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP in the SC House and SC Senate which is protecting the ongoing slaughter of the pre-born, approx. 7,000 pre-birth children murdered in their mothers' wombs each year in South Carolina, by surgical abortion alone. It is the shed blood of innocent children which is crying to God from the ground for JUSTICE (not just incremental "regulation") which God Himself is hearing, and repaying, with Divine Judgment, in turning South Carolina and America over "into the hand of the heathen", such that "they that [hate us rule] over [us]", and "[our] enemies also [oppress us]". Read Psalm 106:37-44, KJB. When we care enough to cry out for JUSTICE for the Pre-born, THEN God will deliver us.

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
PO Box 50358
Columbia, SC 29250
803-794-6273, Home page and “RTL Act of SC” page

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