March 26, 2010

Republican Leadership in SC Senate Blocking Personhood for Pre-born Bill - S.450


March 26, 2010

"Republican Leadership in SC Senate Blocking Personhood for Pre-born Bill - S.450"

Columbia [ SC State House ] - On Thursday (March 25) Senator Jake Knotts (R - W.Columbia / Lexington) said "No" to Johnny Gardner's (dir., Voice of the Unborn) face-to-face request for a public hearing for S.450 ! Gardner asked Republican Senator Knotts if Knotts would consider letting us have a hearing on Senator Bright's bill (the SC Personhood Bill) ? Senator Knotts said "No".

Time is running out in the 2009-2010 legislative session to pass S.450, the SC Personhood Bill, to END "abortion". We have perhaps 2-3 weeks to get the bill out of REPUBLICAN Senator Jake Knotts' subcommittee. Even though we have 23 Senate co-sponsors ( 1/2 the entire SC Senate ), and even though three out of six members on Jake Knotts' subcommittee itself are co-sponsors, Knotts is refusing to even grant a public hearing !!!

Please call Senator Jake Knotts now at (803) 755-6253 (H) and (803) 212-6350 (O) and ask him WHY will he not even grant a public hearing for S.450 when 50% of the entire SC Senate is co-sponsoring the bill, and 50% of his own Judiciary Subcommittee is co-sponsoring the bill ? [ Knotts was appointed as chairman of this Judiciary subcommittee by Senator Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston), Judiciary Committee chairman, who is NOT a co-sponsor of S.450. Republican Senator Glenn McConnell is also President Pro Tempore of the SC Senate. ]

Ask REPUBLICAN Senator Jake Knotts to reconsider his refusal to grant a public hearing, to stop trying to block this pro-life / anti-abortion legislation designed to recognize pre-birth human beings as "persons", and to schedule a hearing for S.450 as soon as possible !!! Additional information is available on the home page of

Also call Republican Judiciary Committee chairman and SC Senate Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell at (843) 571-3921 (H) and (803) 212-6610 (O) and (843) 747-7554 (Bus.), and ask him why his appointed subcommittee chairman, Senator Jake Knotts, is refusing to even grant a hearing for S.450 ? Request Sen. McConnell to ask Sen. Knotts to schedule a public hearing for S.450.

God is judging South Carolina for over 300,000 [ surgical ] "abortions" - Read Psalm 106:37-44, KJB. When we are concerned enough about the right to life of the innocent pre-born to cry out for JUSTICE for THEM [ NOT just "regulation" of their murder ], THEN God will deliver US from the wicked rulers and their encroaching statist tyranny which has already begun to oppress us. ESTABLISH JUSTICE for the pre-born - PASS S.450 - the SC Personhood Bill.

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
PO Box 50358
Columbia, SC 29250
803-794-6273, Home page and “RTL Act of SC” page

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